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Join us at World Water Week 25-30 August in Stockholm, Sweden, where we’ll be sharing the learning from our portfolio of work on water resilience.

Water Leaders and experts from the world’s scientific, business, government and civic communities convene each year in Stockholm to exchange views, experiences and shape joint solutions to global water challenges.

World Water Week 2019 has already attracted 3,526 participants, 1196 organisations, and 578 convenors from 127 countries with 277 sessions in the programme.

Organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute, World Water Week has become the annual focal point for global water issues. SIWI’s message is that water is key to future prosperity and that together, we can achieve a water wise world.

The Resilience Shift will be taking its portfolio of water resilience work to the event and is hosting events in partnership with its collaborators SIWI, Arup, 100 Resilient Cities, the World Bank, and Resilience Shift Ambassador, Fred Boltz of Resolute Development Solutions.

We’ll be talking about “˜what’ can be done to enhance water resilience, “˜why’ it should be done, and “˜how’ to put it into practice.

  • Peer to peer sharing of best practice for the resilience of potable water infrastructure helps to inspire better solutions and incentivise change.
  • The lessons learned from Cape Town’s water crisis, and the extensive work with cities to capture the common factors of water resilience are helping to build a common understanding of resilience across all stakeholders.
  • The City Water Resilience Approach and the OurWater collaborative governance tool, together, equip and empower water stakeholders with an end to end approach to improve water resilience.

We’ll be sharing the journey we and our partners have taken with the cities of Cape Town and Greater Miami and the Beaches. They have worked with us since 2018 on the development of the City Water Resilience Approach, and in 2019, resulting in the cities’ first Water Resilience Profiles that feed into wider city resilience strategies.

We’ll also be continuing the dialogue on the importance of water resilience extending the discussions that began, and continued throughout, last year with the joint letter to the UN on “˜Building a resilient future through water‘.

‘High Level Dialogue: “˜Building a resilient future through water’ is convened by SIWI and the Resilience Shift, chaired by SIWI’s Maggie White and Resolute Development Solutions’ Fred Boltz. (Thursday 29th, 09.00-12.30)

“˜Improving Water Resilience: From Diagnosis to Delivery’ is a convened 90′ session hosted by the Resilience Shift, led by Mark Fletcher and Louise Ellis from our partners Arup and guests from Greater Miami and Beaches, the World Bank, Water Resources South East, SIWI and 100 Resilient Cities. (Wednesday 28th, 14-15.30)

Other sessions led by our partners, Arup, include:

 Mark Fletcher, Global Water Director will be chairing the WWW 2019 Debate: Water for society – Including all? (Sunday 25th, 11-12.30)

  • George Beane will deliver a Bus Stop Poster Presentation on “˜Equity in Climate Change Adaptation’ (Sunday 25th, 14-15.30)
  • Sophie Fisher and Iñigo Ruiz-Apilánez are hosting a session on Private sector and the SDGs: creating impact from youth ideas (Wednesday 28th, 09.00-10.30)
  • Iñigo Ruiz-Apilánez will also be hosting two Young Professionals sessions on Integrating water resource management (Wednesday 28 August, 15:00-16:00) and Emergency Wash (Thursday 29 August, 11:00-12:30).


World Water Week 2019 takes place 25-30 August. Find out more

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