Resilience Toolbox

Resilience tools can be useful for a wide range of practitioners but it can be hard to find the right tool for the job. We have assessed a wide range of tools, which are listed below, mapped by the resilience value they add at different stages of the infrastructure lifecycle. Use the filters to break down the results by sector and user type.

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The Urban Community Resilience Assessment



The Urban Community Resilience Assessment

The Urban Community Resilience Assessment (UCRA) helps cities incorporate individual and community capacities—social cohesion, familiarity with local climate risks, early warning systems and disaster readiness—into broader urban resilience evaluations. By analysing these local capabilities, the UCRA provides a snapshot of preparedness behaviours, risk perception and the strength of neighbourhood relationships. These findings enable individuals to identify context-specific adaptation actions and allow policymakers to engage community members in urban resilience planning.

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