After two and a half successful years of boundary-pushing work to build global resilience across sectors, Resilience Rising will conclude its operations this year.

In 2022, after five successful years of The Resilience Shift, Resilience Rising embarked on a mission to redefine collaboration and collective action in the face of urgent global challenges, instability, and the climate crisis. Our objectives were to:

  • Establish a shared understanding of resilience and raise awareness around the urgent need for societal transformation;
  • Co-create high-impact solutions with the organizations and individuals most critical to advancing progressive, scalable change across sectors;
  • Build collective will across critical communities of practice to take action and address converging crises;
  • Mobilize global resources and investment to deliver coordinated, cross-sectoral action; and
  • Lift up new champions to advocate for and raise the importance of resilience across all facets of society.

We are deeply grateful to our partners and founding funder, Lloyd’s Register Foundation, for their collaborative efforts and support, and for allowing us to accelerate the theory and practice of resilience. Since its inception, Resilience Rising has built on the insights, learning, knowledge, and relationships pioneered by the Resilience Shift, a 5-year program generously supported by Lloyd’s Register Foundation and led by Arup. 

While this chapter may be closing, the journey is far from over. Amid growing global risks and constant evolution, resilience work remains essential. We are proud to announce that the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI), which we established with other founding partners and incubated at Resilience Rising, will be spinning off as a fully independent, growing entity. Our stewardship of Resilience First has led to an exciting new program of work that will continue their pivotal engagement with the private sector, advancing the legacy of pioneering initiatives we’ve established together. Many of our key programs will also continue, supported by our partners, with a clear vision and strategy to deliver impact. 

We began our journey with the intention of taking big risks, exploring new possibilities, and establishing new ways of working through ideation, experimentation, and implementation. Resilience presents immense opportunities that demand unprecedented collective action, and our eight years of experience have shown that transformative change requires collaborative, holistic strategies. As we enter a world of overshoot beyond the 1.5°C threshold, it is more crucial than ever that we take radical steps to cultivate resilience at every level of society.

Many thanks to all our Resilience Rising staff members, board members, advisory board members, and organizational partners who have supported us over the past eight years. 


The Resilience Rising Leadership Team