Action Agenda builds on findings from the World Risk Poll and provides guidance for practitioners that will ultimately drive risk reduction globally.

The world is facing unprecedented levels of risk and uncertainty from climate change, biodiversity loss, unsustainable consumption of natural resources, land and ecosystem degradation, rapid urbanization, demographic changes, and increasing social and economic inequalities. Tackling these challenges requires a holistic and cross-cutting approach. 

Resilience is a proven solution to mitigate and respond positively to risk and uncertainty. Resilience Rising is working to ensure systemic resilience becomes a cornerstone of the transformation toward a prosperous, sustainable and equitable future.

The World Risk Poll, led by Lloyd’s Register Foundation, is the first-ever global study of the perceptions and experience of risk, with data from 145 different countries. The Poll findings present a unique opportunity to better understand how risk perceptions influence decision-making and to better connect global research on risk perception with the tools and practices of risk reduction and resilience professionals.

Building on findings from the World Risk Poll, the Global Action Agenda on Risk and Resilience was developed through a broad consultation process with representatives from academia, the private sector, government, and non-governmental organizations. It presents a range of opportunities for the global risk and resilience community – and others – to take forward. 

Risk perceptions inform the decisions that we each make personally and professionally, and understanding them can help reduce risk exposure. Effective risk communication can be achieved through a more nuanced understanding of how risk perceptions vary across different demographics and geographies.

The Action Agenda focuses on five key questions that the dataset can help answer in order to support consequent practitioner efforts at a global level. It also emphasizes the importance of visualization, interpretation, and dissemination of the data to further “unlock” its value, make it actionable, and support broader reach and influence.

The Action Agenda release coincides with Lloyd’s Register Foundation announcement of support for eight grantees to build upon the World Risk Poll and deliver projects and interventions that can better shape public policy and the efforts across essential communities of practice.

The Action Agenda, and Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s response, represent an ambitious but necessary roadmap for achieving meaningful progress in a range of critical areas. By working together and committing to these actions, we can make a tangible difference in the world and create a better, more resilient future for everyone.

We call upon academic institutions, researchers, funders, financial institutions, risk and resilience practitioners in both the private sector and civil society, and governments to work collaboratively across fields to:

  • Fill knowledge gaps on risk perceptions in new geographies
  • Unlock resources to fund critical research and interventions that value and enable the inclusion of social elements of risk
  • Harness insights on risk perceptions to influence more effective risk and resilience programs, projects, and products; and
  • Better incorporate on-the-ground perceptions of risk into public policy and risk communications.

View the Global Action Agenda on Risk and Resilience.

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