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With the arrival of Covid-19 we are facing unprecedented challenges to our economic prosperity and societal wellbeing. This guide offers some solutions to the challenges of the pandemic and other major shocks.

Resilience in all its guises is much talked about yet frequently misunderstood. We all desire it but often don’t know how to grasp the elements and nurture them for future challenges. It is certainly not a one-time friend but rather an invaluable attribute that helps overcome a range of difficulties. Hence, we should use the lessons coming from Covid-19 to top up our resilience well and conserve it in readiness to meet other systemic risks such as climate change, area power disruptions, major resource shortages, etc.

This guide from Resilience First is designed to offer some insights on tackling major crises like the pandemic under the familiar labels of “˜Now-Next-Beyond’ and “˜People-Place-Process’. It is also meant as a practical guide for businesses, large and small, on some of the factors to consider and the solutions that may be applied: it explores both adaptive changes and mitigating measures. The guide is not meant to be a comprehensive package but rather a prompt to improve resilience for the current crisis and the inevitable next one.

Lord Harris of Haringey in his Foreword says: ‘I commend the guide as a contribution to the overall approach to building resilience in businesses and the very communities who constitute their customers, employees and income.  We are all in this together and better resilience will enable us to bounce forward to the new normal, not back to traditional ways.’


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