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This new guide offers both employees and employers guidance on what to consider when planning working arrangements during the pandemic. The first of a two-part report looks at the pros and cons of home working.

Covid-19 has epitomized a threat which demands significant change and one way we are responding to the new resiliency normal can be seen in anticipated revisions to the workplace.

This guide highlights the upsides and downsides, and provides some key messages on what to consider as we all move forward into a new working environment. (Part 2 will consider the return-to-work practices when these accelerate.)

Themes include:

  • The Changing Work Place
  • The Costs of Remote Working
  • Maintaining Productivity
  • Maintaining Trust, Teams and Morale
  • Maintaining Mental Wellbeing
  • Keeping Safe
  • Practical Guides for Reference
  • Resilience First’s WFH Risk Assessment Template.

The full version of the guide can be obtained through Resilience First’s Knowledge Hub.

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