For World Engineering Day, we are putting the focus on resilience. But how do you get people talking about resilience, risk and uncertainty? What are they, why do they matter, and what must we do about them? Our film series, Resilience Engineered, is now freely available to watch, download, and use in teaching or team discussions.

Resilience Engineered is a three-part series on some of the most pressing challenges associated with 21st Century infrastructure systems development, with the concept of resilience as the underlying theme.

Leading thinkers including Professor Lord Martin Rees, Sir John Kay, and Dame Judith Hackitt, as well as leaders from the primary engineering associations and city leaders, take part in this series of three short films that explain what resilience is, and why it matters.

The series aims to reach a wide community of stakeholders across systems and sectors to create a stronger, connected professional community for making more resilience a priority. It seeks to:

  • Demystify the concepts associated with resilience so that leaders and policy makers have a clearer understanding and conviction as to why it should be prioritised.
  • Encourage individuals to think about how their decisions today impact future outcomes in service delivery, and to share best/emerging practice.
  • Provide a learning reference point that is appealing to built environment and infrastructure professionals with varied experience and that is accessible around the world.
  • Engage wider stakeholders in conversation about resilient infrastructure systems and to develop new networks of professionals from all stages of their career.

The whole series is available for academics to use in teaching courses, industry professionals to engage with this as part of continuing professional development and for executive teams to reflect on the meaning of the content for their organisations and build the business case for resilience.

Watch the full films below.

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