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On 3 Nov 2021, the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI), of which The Resilience Shift is a Founding Member, hosted a roundtable discussion at the COP26 Wood House in Glasgow.

The discussion focussed on issues at the heart of ICSI, and the engineering community’s role in bridging the gaps on climate, sustainability, and resilience for infrastructure. The event brought together key stakeholders in the sector, including ICSI’s Board members, and invited members of the public to join us in exploring the topic at hand.

ICSI has now published a short paper that outlines key takeaways of this roundtable discussion as well as information on newly launched ICSI initiatives such as Infrastructure Pathways, the Race to Resilience and a whitepaper on Green Recovery and Finance for Sustainable Infrastructure. These are a few of the knowledge resources and initiatives ICSI has produced that will help shift the development of sustainable and resilient infrastructure from theory to practice, in turn supporting ICSI’s mission to create a global movement for engineering action.

The paper also emphasises the need for deep collaboration, or “˜Big C Collaboration’, that goes beyond lip service or surface-level partnerships and requires a deeper sharing of skills, resources, and vision in pursuit of a broader collective goal, alongside individual ambition. Through cross-sector collaboration, ICSI seeks to accelerate action and mobilize critical players to act on climate change under a collective vision for sustainable and resilient infrastructure that can transform communities across the globe.

Read the full paper here.

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