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Port resilience guidance, studies and tools can be useful for a wide range of practitioners but it can be hard to find the right one for the task at hand. We have assessed a wide range of tools, guidance documents and reports, which are listed below, mapped by the maritime resilience breakthroughs they support and the Port Resilience Framework for Action goals that they help to achieve.

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    Resilience Primer: Ports


    The Resilience Shift




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    The Resilience Shift Primer: Ports provides guidance on building resilience in port infrastructure. It highlights the increasing risks ports face from climate change and other hazards. The primer emphasizes the importance of understanding and managing risks through comprehensive assessments, collaboration with stakeholders, and implementing adaptive strategies. Key elements include flexibility in design, integration of risk management in decision-making, and fostering a culture of resilience. It outlines practical steps to enhance resilience, including contingency planning, data-driven decision-making, and continuous learning. By adopting these principles, ports can improve their ability to withstand disruptions and ensure sustained operations in a changing and uncertain environment.

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