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Port resilience guidance, studies and tools can be useful for a wide range of practitioners but it can be hard to find the right one for the task at hand. We have assessed a wide range of tools, guidance documents and reports, which are listed below, mapped by the maritime resilience breakthroughs they support and the Port Resilience Framework for Action goals that they help to achieve.

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    Coastal Flood Resilience Design Guidelines


    Boston Planning & Development Agency




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    The Coastal Flood Resilience Design Guidelines provide comprehensive recommendations for creating resilient coastal infrastructure. The guidelines emphasize incorporating adaptable designs, natural features, and sustainable practices to mitigate the impacts of flooding events. Key elements include elevating structures above flood levels, using resilient materials, and implementing nature-based solutions like wetlands and dunes. Collaboration with local communities, data-driven risk assessments, and long-term planning are central to these guidelines, ensuring coastal areas can withstand and recover from flooding while safeguarding human safety, preserving ecosystems, and supporting sustainable development.

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