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Port resilience guidance, studies and tools can be useful for a wide range of practitioners but it can be hard to find the right one for the task at hand. We have assessed a wide range of tools, guidance documents and reports, which are listed below, mapped by the maritime resilience breakthroughs they support and the Port Resilience Framework for Action goals that they help to achieve.

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    Climate change impacts on seaports: A growing threat to sustainable trade and development


    Regina Asariotis (UNCTAD)




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    The article discusses the growing threat of climate change impacts on seaports and their importance for sustainable trade and development. Seaports are crucial for global trade and the blue economy, but they are highly exposed to climate-related hazards such as rising sea levels, storm surges, and flooding. As climate change intensifies, economic losses from damages and disruptions to supply chains may increase significantly. The need to enhance climate resilience for seaports is urgent, particularly for small island developing states and vulnerable coastal nations. Adaptation measures, risk assessments, and investment in resilient infrastructure are essential to mitigate the risks and ensure sustainable development and trade.

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