Resilient Leadership: Learning from crisis (Pre-publication extract)



Published: September 2020

This content was originally published on The Resilience Shift website. The Resilience Shift, a 5-year programme supported by Lloyd’s Register Foundation and hosted by Arup, transitioned at the end of 2021 to become Resilience Rising. You can read more about The Resilience Shift’s journey and the transition to Resilience Rising here.

During a crisis, what does it mean to be resilient?

As part of our work to learn from crisis, twelve senior leaders from corporations and cities across the globe took part in an experimental programme of weekly reflective conversations over sixteen weeks of the Covid-19 crisis. The real-time insights and learning from these conversations were captured week by week, following the personal and professional journey that each individual took during this challenging time.

This new report by The Resilience Shift explores the difference between ‘Resilient Leadership’ – the qualities of an individual leader, and ‘Leadership for Resilience’ – that enhances the resilience of the organisation, institution or society they lead.

Resilience matters for infrastructure and for leadership in an interconnected world. The Resilient Leadership project explores the behaviours of leaders, in different contexts – what works and what doesn’t, the findings from which are highly relevant to anyone in the infrastructure value chain, and much more widely.

How to get the Resilient Leadership report

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