Decarbonisation and the role of technology



Published: December 2021

This was originally published on the Resilience First website. Read more about our partners.

The whitepaper is jointly published by our strategic partner, Resilience First, and Intel. It looks at four techniques (i.e. adaptation, renewables, energy efficiency and carbon capture) as they are applied by different industries and sectors, namely, manufacturing, aviation, rail, cities, energy and defence in an effort to achieve net-zero targets.

The paper begins with a review of the green agenda and the cost of the carbon problem. It includes an examination of the opportunities and challenges behind the green skills boom.

The report has three main recommendations:

  • More investment is made in innovation to drive technologies that will help speed up carbon-emission reductions.
  • More investment is directed at job upskilling and employment transition.
  • More cross-silo working is encouraged, both top down and bottom up, in order to deploy faster, more resilient and more universal technological solutions.

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