Consortium organisations

International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure

ICSI is the global movement for engineering action on infrastructure sustainability and resilience. It places the engineering community at the forefront of climate action, harnessing their deep technical expertise and ability to provide solutions and matching it with urgent demand. Through thought leadership, advocacy and cross-sector collaboration, ICSI mobilizes an engineering-led coalition of critical players to act on climate change under a collective vision for sustainable and resilient infrastructure that can transform communities across the globe. 

Resilience First

Resilience First is a not-for-profit organisation, led and funded by business to strengthen collective business resilience. 

Originated by London First, the initiative aims to make the difference between success and failure for any business community facing major challenges or severe disruption. 

Through thought leadership and advocacy on better resilience, sharing of best practice, and partnerships.  Resilience First will embed resilience into corporate culture. 

Drawing on the collective experience and capabilities of our network, it will create a template for resilience that is transferable to any urban area, in any country: a way of operating that is designed to bring about local change.   

The Resilience Shift

The Resilience Shift is a catalyst for positive change. Our mission is to help ensure the safety and continuity of the critical infrastructure and services that make our lives possible.  

At a time of dynamic global change and challenges, we need innovation and creativity to deliver the most resilient and sustainable solutions.  We need to know that our infrastructure networks and services will be able to absorb, and quickly recover from, acute shocks and chronic stresses, and adapt to a continually changing world.  This thinking underpins the founding of the Resilience Shift initiative.