Science to Action: Driving Just, Community-led Transformation – Resilience Rising at COP28





Published: April 2024

For the past two years, Resilience Rising has been running a ‘Science to Action‘ initiative. The initiative’s goals are to make scientifically produced data usable for the needs of cities and their citizens. 

As part of Resilience Rising’s programme across both week’s of COP28, we hosted a session in the Resilience Hub on turning the data and knowledge contained within scientific reports into actionable city-level policy which incorporates the needs and inputs of communities. 

The session was moderated by Resilience Rising CEO, Seth Schultz. He was joined by an expert group of scientists and urban policy makers including: 

  • Debra Roberts, Co-Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (AR6 Cycle) 
  • Yann Francoise, Deputy head and head of Climate department of Climate and Ecological Directorate, City of Paris 
  • Rep, Jude A. Cidre, Member of the House of Representatives, Philippines
  • Dr Cathy Oke, University of Melbourne, Center for Cities and Special Advisor, Global Covenant of Mayors. 

This session followed the previous year’s event which launched the Summary for Urban Policy Makers , which brought together the world’s leading scientists with local government policymakers and businesses to co-generate and advance a scientific evidence base to propel implementation and deepen climate action in cities around the world. 

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