Over the past year, Martyn Link’s leadership and dedication oversaw the creation of a new team, new strategy, and an exciting program of activity for all of Resilience First’s members. 

Moving forward, Resilience First will become further integrated with Resilience Rising.

Beginning in July, Martyn will be stepping into a new role as Senior Advisor of Resilience Rising where he will be focusing his efforts on continuing to scale up the Engineering Leadership Group (ELG), a joint initiative of Resilience First and the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure, members of the Resilience Rising collective. The ELG aims to deliver an informed and much-needed voice to drive impact and influence policy decisions. It captures the voice of global engineering-inclusive organisations committed to advancing infrastructure sustainability, resilience, and climate action through global advocacy and targeting the most critical international decision-making bodies considering the future of the built and natural environment.

Seth Schultz, CEO of Resilience Rising, said: “Martyn took on the role of Executive Director of Resilience First at a crucial moment for the organisation. He has been instrumental in bringing Resilience First to a new level and driving home the importance of systemic resilience to a broad network of influential businesses in the UK and globally. I appreciate his leadership and look forward to working with him closely in his new role with Resilience Rising and the Engineering Leadership Group.”

Martyn is an experienced strategic leader, passionate about enabling organisations to prepare for, and adapt to, the biggest challenges of our time. Prior to his time leading Resilience First, Martyn was most recently Chief Strategy Officer at Wood, one of the world’s largest engineering consultancy companies, where he led the focus on clean energy transformation, sustainability, and resilience. He led the formation of the strategic partnership between Wood Plc and The Resilience Shift to launch Resilience Realised – a global search for resilient infrastructure projects.

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