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A look at the cyber vulnerabilities affecting Resilience First members

Most members of Resilience First say cyber-attacks are among their greatest concerns.

A particular worry for many is how to evaluate their organisation’s resilience to fast-evolving cyber threats.

So we have teamed up with the Cyber Rescue Alliance to provide objective insights about the cyber vulnerabilities at our members.

In the latest newsletter for Resilience First members only – released on 10 September – we show a graph that summarises the cyber security posture of more than 200 of our members. 

At the time of writing, the member with the worst cyber posture is a technology firm.

The organisation that has improved the most over the last 30 days is a retailer.

The bottom 10% of the members analysed this month are five times more likely to suffer a breach than the top 100.

The value of the graph is that it allows:

  • An organisation to rank itself against others on cyber security
  • An organisation’s key suppliers can be ranked against one other.

The SecurityScorecard is used platform to review thousands of indicators of cyber security at each company. Companies with a low score tend to operate out-of-date systems and unpatched software, often with weak encryption.

Those companies with the lowest scores are often distributing malware from their servers or are being actively discussed by hackers in the dark web.

When considering cyber resilience, it is also vital to reflect on how the wider environment is changing. For example, is the rate of data breaches increasing, and what factors are behind such breaches?


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