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Resilience First Executive Director speaks to IFSEC about greater public-private collaboration, the changing threat landscape, and the increasing importance of resilience

Earlier this year, Resilience First and CityForum a jointly hosted a series of masterclasses on resilience and security at the IFSEC Exhibition at London’s Excel. 

Now in an exclusive interview for IFSEC, our Executive Director Robert Hall discusses the increasing importance of resilience, looking at greater collaboration and information sharing between public agencies and private businesses; how the risk and resilience profession is evolving; the shifting threat landscape, and the possible implications of Brexit.

Robert told IFSEC:

“The threat scenario is changing and people have to adapt – that’s the key word I would emphasise. The changing nature of the threat demands new skills and better risk awareness.

“The rapid pace of technological change – particularly digital and cyber but also AI, robotics, etc – is a big driver.

“The sophistication of the opposition in terms of hacking, state-backed crime, organised crime, misuse of bitcoin, etc means we have to become cleverer and find new ways to respond.

“There is now a growing emphasis on resilience – “˜bouncing forward’ – in accepting some threats will get through, but mitigating the damage rather than stopping all comers or building fortresses.”


You can read the full interview, part of IFSEC’s Critical Conversations series, here.


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