This content was originally published on The Resilience Shift website. The Resilience Shift, a 5-year programme supported by Lloyd’s Register Foundation and hosted by Arup, transitioned at the end of 2021 to become Resilience Rising. You can read more about The Resilience Shift’s journey and the transition to Resilience Rising here.

This week at SWWW inclusion and partnerships (UN SDG17) have been highlighted as critical to build resilience through water.

We are delighted to announce a global ‘Call to Action’ for organisations to get involved in a community of practice on urban water resilience.

The founding partners are the Resilience Shift, the Global Commission on Adaptation, Arup, the Stockholm International Water Institute, the International Water Association, 100 Resilient Cities, Deltares, One Water Academy and the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation.

These organisations have come together to create a Community of Practice around urban water resilience to share knowledge, experience and to act!

To join the movement, please get in touch with any of the founding organisations.

At this week’s Stockholm International Water Institute’s World Water Week, the Resilience Shift is hosting a number of sessions focused on urban water resilience and water in the humanitarian sectors including a session this Wednesday on the City Water Resilience Approach.

On Thursday, the global high-level dialogues continue around the role water plays in building a resilient future.


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