This content was originally published on The Resilience Shift website. The Resilience Shift, a 5-year programme supported by Lloyd’s Register Foundation and hosted by Arup, transitioned at the end of 2021 to become Resilience Rising. You can read more about The Resilience Shift’s journey and the transition to Resilience Rising here.

More than half the world’s population lives in cities and many of them are in megacities, the world’s largest urban aggregations. These metropolitan areas with 10 million people or more are spread across the globe and in 2020, the United Nations estimates that there are 34 megacities, and that figure is projected to increase to 48 by 2035. How do you tackle the challenge of climate resilience for such a huge urban agglomeration?

Seth Schultz, Executive Director, The Resilience Shift, will be moderating and presenting the Resilient Cities live-streamed session on Building Climate Resilience in Megacities, on Friday 24 April 12-1pm EST.

This week is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day (1970-2020) and this session is part of the global environmental conference, EarthX2020 that, in partnership with the National Geographic Society, is presenting a Virtual EarthX – National Geographic Resilient Cities Conference with 3 hours of live-streamed discussions on Thursday 23 April and 3 hours on Friday 24 April 2020.

The session hosted by Seth Schultz on Building Climate Resilience in Megacities will include presentations by:
“¢ Mindy Lubber, President, Ceres
“¢ Claudia Sheinbaum, Mayor of Mexico City, C40 Cities Member
“¢ Xiye Bastida, Indigenous Youth Climate Justice Activist, Co-Founder, We the Planet and Fridays for Future – US

The one hour will include a moderated Q&A with the audience.

Since 2011, the Texas-based non-profit organisation EarthX convenes an environmental expo, conference and film festival, and is a member of IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature. It promotes environmental awareness and impact through conscious business, nonpartisan collaboration, and community-driven sustainable solutions.

It is supported by the National Geographic Society, the global nonprofit organization that, since 1888, has used the power of science, exploration, education, and storytelling to illuminate and protect the wonder of our world.

“Collaboration and connectedness are critical as we seek to further the National Geographic Society’s mission to illuminate and protect the wonder of our world,” said Michael L. Ulica, President, and CEO of the National Geographic Society. “We look forward to continuing to partner with EarthX to reach new audiences through the EarthX2020 virtual experience.”

Note that EarthX is not to be confused with EARTH EX®//20 the global resilience exercise that partnered with The Resilience Shift in 2019.