Resilient Cities Catalyst and the California Resilience Partnership (CRP) have joined with The Resilience Shift to learn about and share real-life resilience stories, featuring CRP projects from across California. Our aim is to showcase best practices that explore how things might be done differently””as exemplified by three projects””and to understand the shift in perspective and in practice that is enabling this change.

California is at the frontline of many climate and resilience challenges experienced by communities worldwide. But it is also the home of innovations and sectors that are leading the way in building resilience to numerous shocks and stresses.

Three projects led by CRP partners showcased below are creating innovative community-led solutions to challenges that will resonate with other communities around the world””with a focus on wildfire, sea level rise, and the global pandemic.

  • Nature-based solutions are helping the town of Paradise to protect itself from future fire risks, maintain forest health,  and build a more resilient community.
  • Community data is helping Ventura County better support its farmworker communities with services and crisis response that leaves no one behind and builds resilience.
  • Involving the community at Oceanside is key to co-developing long-term resilience for coastal cities battling to save their beaches from rising sea levels and erosion.

The films have been created by Eric Arthur Fernandez of Raffia Pictures (DP/Director) and Nick Curran (Editor), with Loroto Productions (Post-production services). 

Find out more and watch the films.

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