Nature-based solutions are helping the town of Paradise to protect itself from future fire risks, maintain forest health,  and build a more resilient community.

Resilient Cities Catalyst‘s and the California Resilience Partnership (CRP) Program have joined with The Resilience Shift to learn about and share real-life resilience stories on climate change adaptation from California that explore how things might be done differently, and to understand the shift in perspective and in practice that is enabling this change.

The first video in this three-part case study series focuses on nature-led approaches to addressing wildfire. Like other regions around the globe, California now faces more frequent and destructive wildfires every year. As communities seek new approaches, there is an opportunity to rethink land use planning and relearn historic indigenous fire management practices that have allowed tribal communities to coexist with nature.

Paradise, a town nestled in the foothills of the Cascade and the Sierra Nevada mountains, is at the forefront of this work. Here, after facing the devastating Camp Fire in 2018, the Paradise Parks and Recreation District is working with communities, the Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve, and The Nature Conservancy to test new ways to live with wildfire. 

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