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Join Resilience Shift CEO Seth Schultz for the next lecture in the Institution of Civil Engineers’ Brunel International Lecture series. The focus for this lecture, to be given on the 12 October, will be South-East Asia.

Seth Schultz, Resilience Shift CEO

Seth will be joined by a panel of experts to discuss how the engineering community in South-East Asia can rise to face the challenges of climate change, globalisation, urbanisation and digitalisation.

Entitled “21st Century Leadership is Partnership: How a Coalition of the World’s Engineers Can Change the World“, the lecture series is exploring how the engineering community can deliver a carbon-neutral and resilient society by mid-century.


The series considers what it is to be an engineer, and whether this meets the needs of a future workforce that can deliver resilient and sustainable systems. Debating whether engineers need to think differently to deal with the global uncertainty we are facing, the lecture will discuss how systems engineering and understanding is needed to bring it all together, and whether engineers are well placed to deal with the complex systemic challenges ahead of us.

The lecture and discussions will examin the role of engineers, the current practices, the gaps in capabilities and in the workforce, particularly thinking about the need for more women, alongside a more geopolitically diverse workforce.

Seth’s lecture “21st Century Leadership is Partnership” will be followed by a panel debate tackling both global and local perspectives, the big issues facing the planet and the engineering profession before answering audience questions.

Event details

Institution of Civil Engineers’ Brunel International Lecture Series: South Asia

Tuesday 12 October 2021 – 17:00 WIB /18:00 WITA / 11:00 BST


Brunel lecture given by: Seth Schultz, FICE, CEO The Resilience Shift

Opening speech: Mike Dobie, BSc MSc DIC CEng FICE FCIHT

Welcome remarks: Dr Tony Chan, ICE representative for Malaysia

Chair: Mark Hansford, Director of Engineering Knowledge, ICE


Visit the ICE event page for more information and to book a place.

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