Xavier Aldea Borruel

Xavier is the Director of Operations at Resilience Rising. Prior to his appointment, he was Head of Operations for the Resilience Shift programme at Arup’s International Development group, and a Sustainability Project Manager for Suez Environnement. 

Xavier is passionate about building programmes to facilitate the world’s transition to a sustainable and net-zero economy, while building resilience in our society’s systems to cope with unexpected events.  

During his professional career, Xavier has worked as a researcher and project manager of EU-funded programmes on urban resilience, sustainability, Life Cycle Assessment and carbon footprint. He has co-authored 9 publications in these topics. 

Xavier joined Arup to be responsible for the management of the Resilience Shift programme. During his time at Arup Xavier set up systems and processes to secure funding from Foundations, managed the programme budget, and was responsible for the Programme Board Secretariat.  

Xavier holds a MSc Degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA.