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Welcoming the appointment of a CRO, responsible for developing London’s resilience strategy

London has joined other world cities in a partnership with 100 Resilient Cities, a Resilience First associate, to share best practice on how best to prepare for economic, social and physical challenges.

Mayor Sadiq Khan has appointed Fiona Twycross, Deputy Mayor for Fire and Resilience, as Chief Resilience Officer for London.

She will lead a two-year project to prepare a resilience strategy for the capital.

The strategy will focus on issues including:

  • An ever-growing population: London could be home to 10million people by 2020
  • Infrastructure: how London can accommodate this growing population and business demand
  • Transport: ensuring the vast transport network is fit for purpose in the face of increasing demand
  • Housing: providing housing that meets the needs of London’s diverse population

Welcoming Fiona’s appointment, Resilience First CEO Mike Rooney said:

“This is a key decision for London as it joins a global network of cities which have recognised the critical importance of planning and preparing to be more resilient against future shocks and stresses, whatever their origin.

“Resilience First looks forward to working closely with her to develop and help deliver London’s resilience strategy.

“This work, and the lessons learnt along the way, will also be extremely valuable to other cities across the UK seeking to strengthen their own resilience and improve their ability to absorb current and future pressures.”  


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