About Resilience Rising

We are a platform for collective impact, bringing together global and local mission-driven organizations, initiatives, and other entities to work in partnership and achieve systemic resilience to the world’s most pressing challenges. 

The world is facing an increasingly complex and interconnected future intensified by multiple converging crises. The time for large-scale transformation is rapidly closing and no one sector or organization can tackle the world’s biggest problems, guide investments, or deliver the solutions we need alone. 

Our Vision

An equitable, secure and resilient future realized through ideation, experimentation, and implementation, spearheaded by a global collective of high-impact organizations.

Our Mission

Ensure systemic resilience becomes the norm and the investments made today build momentum toward a prosperous, net zero future for all ecosystems, communities and geographies.

Why Resilience: Our Story

Resilience is a complex concept used in many different fields of study to explore how our society and human, ecological and technological systems can withstand, respond, adapt and progress in the face of destabilizing events or phenomena. 

The world needs a new way of responding to shocks – one that is comprehensive, inclusive and sustainable over time. Resilience presents a more holistic and transformational approach for mitigating and absorbing these negative and cascading impacts and for addressing the inherent, rapidly evolving uncertainty society will continue to face.

Launched in 2022, Resilience Rising draws upon a rich history of leadership and action on resilience.  

Resilience Rising is a global convening organization created on the foundation built by the Resilience Shift, a five-year programme founded by Arup and the Lloyd’s Register Foundation that closed out at the end of 2021.

Our Approach

As a broad collective of key communities, stakeholders and decision-makers, Resilience Rising is strategically positioned to drive cross-cutting change at an unprecedented scale.