About us

Resilience Rising is a global non-profit consortium innovating to accelerate a safe, resilient, and sustainable future for all. The world is dealing with increasingly complex and interconnected challenges that no one sector can solve. We’re convening essential communities ¬¬of practice under a shared purpose to drive systemic change by empowering leaders, building capability, advancing thought leadership, and advocating for change

The future is becoming increasingly uncertain, affected by climate change and other global risks. From the unsustainable consumption of natural resources and loss of biodiversity to rapid urbanisation and social and economic inequalities, the urgency and degree of today’s challenges are rising at an unprecedented scale. The systems that underpin our society – technological, human, and ecological – are more interdependent and yet fragile, due to fragmented governance and insufficient investment.

We believe that adequately confronting these challenges requires a complete transformation in how we take immediate action leading to long-term solutions that are viable for people and the planet. Resilience Rising is a consortium centred on driving this shift by connecting experts and organizations in essential communities of practice to ensure resilience is both understood and put into practice globally.

By embracing the solution that is resilience, we can reimagine the way that Policymakers, Business Innovators, Infrastructure owners, Future Leaders, Investors and Engineers, and others address the challenges and uncertainty we collectively face and align ourselves on building a brighter, more resilient future together.

Society deserves a safe, sustainable, and resilient world.

Purpose, vision and mission



To enable and create a safe, resilient and sustainable future for all. 



An exceptional group of organisations working under a common voice, shaping the future of resilience, and creating a safe, resilient and sustainable future for all.



We are a global resilience accelerator, incubator, and champion of platforms that catalyzes systemic change by bringing together individuals, communities, and organisations across sectors to collectively address major societal challenges by incorporating resilience in our networks and systems.

Theory of change

Unlock efficiencies to accelerate delivery

We are bringing economies of scale to bring efficiencies across NGO operations while also providing expertise, including (fiscal sponsorship) so that organisations can better channel their resources, time, and energy to successfully deliver programs and rapidly scale their impact. 

Accelerate systemic change through communities of practice

Achieving a more resilient future requires the rapid deployment of interconnected solutions where individual actions bring cumulative benefits. By focusing on independent communities of practice working together under one legal structure, we will influence resilience practice across key influencers and decision-makers serving across sectors.

Catalyze tomorrow’s changemakers through innovation

We will create the space for deeper collaboration on initiatives and opportunities that cannot be unlocked alone. Our forum will enable co-creation and pursuit of high impact solutions, incubation of new ideas through large-scale partnerships, and open access to leading research and innovation.