Why Resilience

Resilience is a complex concept used in many different fields of study to explore how our society, institutions and core systems can withstand, respond, adapt and progress in the face of destabilizing events or phenomena. These challenges can be sudden shock events such as natural disasters, but, crucially, they also come in the form of systemic issues such as housing insecurity, global warming and climate migration, which unfold over longer periods of time.

Resilience Rising is a global consortium of NGOs and initiatives working together to build systemic resilience to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Our unique value proposition is the ability to bring together unlikely collaborators through a consortium-based approach which connects organisations and individuals most critical to advancing scalable resilience solutions. The consortium is an exceptional group of organisations with deep expertise who are shaping the future of resilience and working under a common voice and purpose. This one-of-a-kind collaboration is led by a consortium-wide executive leadership team, facilitated by a core team, who believe deep collaboration is fundamental to drive large-scale change.

Each consortium organisation represents an essential community of practice, key stakeholders we consider pivotal to the success of transforming our future. These are: Engineers; Business Innovators; Infrastructure Owners & Operators; Policymakers; Future Leaders; and Investors.

Essential Communities of Practice

Business Innovators

Businesses around the world are leading efforts to ensure their organisations are more resilient so that shocks and stressors do not have a material impact on operations continuity, profit, and return on investment. This community of practice is led by Resilience First, the world’s largest business network, providing the ways and means to drive resilience at scale, in a world faced with deep uncertainties and complex interdependencies.


Engineers have a crucial role to play in responding to multiple crises: they hold the technical expertise needed to drive solutions and implement action. This community of practice is led by the International Coalition on Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI), which is mobilizing an engineering-led coalition to make resilience and sustainability a cornerstone of every decision in the infrastructure lifecycle in every community around the globe.

Infrastructure Owners & Operators

Infrastructure represents an enormous collective investment by our society and a tremendous resource for our economy and communities. It protects communities from a variety of hazards; provides essential services such as energy and water; and connects communities via transport and communications networks, enabling the flow of goods and information. The leader of this community of practice will be announced soon.


Government action at the state, regional, and national level sets rules and is a major lever in the systems change required to embed resilience across society. Governments establish policies, set standards, and make critical investment decisions around public health and well-being, and economic activity. The leader of this community of practice will be announced soon.


Investments across infrastructure assets, large-scale programmes, and networks are critical, forming the backbone of economies and societies. Investors must have the right knowledge, tools, and guidance so they do not make investments in the next century’s stranded assets. The leader of this community of practice will be announced soon.

Future Leaders

Future leaders comprise the workforce of tomorrow and young professionals who will be at the forefront of delivering transformational solutions across all sectors. The leader of this community of practice will be announced soon.