Resilience Rising is a global nonprofit consortium working together to accelerate a safe, resilient, and sustainable future for all

About us

Resilience Rising is a global non-profit consortium innovating to make systemic resilience the norm as society transforms toward a net-zero future.  The world is dealing with increasingly complex and interconnected challenges that no one sector can solve. We’re convening essential communities of practice under a shared purpose to reorient how we think about and influence change. By empowering leaders, building capability, advancing thought leadership, and advocating for change, we are driving systemic change with a proven solution – resilience.

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Our Approach

KnowledgeThoughtConvening andCommunicationsAccelerationGuidanceFundraisingManagementLeadershipCoordinationand EventsIncubation/StrategicCoordinatedInfrastructure OwnersBusiness InnovatorsFuture LeadersEngineersInvestorsPolicymakersOutcomeled ApproachesAdopting TechnologyManaging Deep UncertaintyWhole Systems ThinkingOvercoming Fragmented GovernancePropositionsCommunities of practiceOutcomes

Consortium organisations

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