Resilience Rising is a global platform for collective impact, working with a broad constellation of partners to achieve systemic resilience and build momentum toward a safe, resilient, and prosperous future for all.

About Us

We are facing an increasingly uncertain and complex future, exacerbated by interconnected crises, from climate change and biodiversity loss to rapid urbanization and rising inequality. The time to act is rapidly closing and no one sector or organization can tackle the world’s biggest problems or deliver the solutions we need alone.

Through a collective impact model, Resilience Rising convenes essential communities ­­of practice, from businesses and policymakers to built environment experts and future leaders, to harness the power of collaboration, spur systemic and inclusive change, and tackle some of society’s most pressing problems with a proven, cross-cutting solution – resilience.

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Global Leadership on Resilience

Official Resilience Partner to Climate Week NYC

Global Partner to the IPCC Summary for Urban Policymakers (SUP) Initiative

Managing Partner of the COP27 Resilience Hub