Resilience Rising is a global platform for collective impact, working with a broad constellation of partners towards a safe, resilient, and prosperous future for all.

Our Approach

We are facing an increasingly uncertain and complex future, exacerbated by interconnected crises, from climate change and biodiversity loss to rapid urbanization and rising inequality. The time to act is rapidly closing and no one sector or organization can tackle the world’s biggest problems or deliver the solutions we need alone.

Through a collective impact model, Resilience Rising convenes a broad constellation of key communities and partners, from businesses and policymakers to built environment experts and future leaders, who are essential to driving the urgent change we need. Together we are harnessing the power of collaboration, spurring systemic and inclusive change, and tackling some of society’s most pressing problems with a proven, cross-cutting solution – resilience.

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What we aim to achieve

  • Establish a shared understanding of resilience and raise awareness around the urgent need for societal transformation
  • Co-create high-impact solutions with the organizations and individuals most critical to advancing progressive, scalable change
  • Build collective will across key communities of practice to take action and address converging crises
  • Mobilize global resources and investment to deliver coordinated, cross-sectoral action
  • Lift up new champions to advocate for and raise the importance of resilience across all facets of society

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Resilience in Action

The Summary for Urban Policymakers (SUP) initiative brings together the world’s leading scientists with local government policymakers and businesses to co-generate and advance a scientific evidence base to propel implementation and deepen climate action in cities around the world.

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The Maritime Resilience Breakthroughs Lab: Resilience4Ports is the first Innovation Lab launched by Resilience Rising, tapping into its global, multi-sector collective of partners to create the scale and momentum necessary to break through the maritime industry’s barriers to resilience.

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An inclusive virtual and physical space to mobilise action on resilience and adaptation at COP28 and beyond, the Resilience Hub aims to connect and inspire people across business, civil society, academia and government to collaborate and scale up action that makes communities around the world safer, healthier and more just. 

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